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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Basketball game Weekend in Orlando

I've been a fan of basketball since i was a little girl back home. I love watching basketball ever since because of my brother who is a basketball player in my high school. My father always brings me to my brother's game. Growing up with 4 brothers and the fact that I am the only girl and the youngest in the family, i grew up and learned most of my brother's ways. I am not a tomboy but I always wear shorts and ashamed to wear skirts but anyway everything changed when i stepped in college.
Last Saturday we had a chance to see one of my favorite basketball teams, The Detroit Pistons even though it's the Orlando Magic home court and I'm from
Florida so I should be cheering for the Magic but I didn't. I have known the Pistons more than the Magic. We managed to get a seat behind the Pistons bench not really not close because it's expensive to get seats right behind them even 113 row F seats 1 & 2 which what we had cost us somewhat more money but that's the only way we can see my fave team. I was cheering for the Pistons when most all of them was cheering for the Magic but I don't care as long as Ray and I was having our great time that we can cherish together. The Pistons won the series 4 - 0.

After the basketball game, we checked out the Church St Station in Downtown Orlando but it was kinda dead so we decided to go to Downtown Disney.

We saw a miniature golf on our way to Downtown Disney since it was still early we swing by to play 1 game of golf.

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