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Friday, December 14, 2007

DAYTONA 500 2006

I've never expected to be in the DAYTONA 500 yesterday. Actually we were thinking about it last week but we weren't sure, first of all it's expensive to get in, second it is tight on financial right now, third was we don't have our tickets yet.
Saturday night came and got to make up our minds. So had our plans that
PLAN A is the DAYTONA 500 and PLAN B is NASA - Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. PLAN B only if we can't get tickets but when the time was ticking we are more determined to go to the race. With all the footage and commotions on TV and boy! we really wanna go that time. So we made the sign(needs 2 tickets) for our tickets and taped it to our back window so people will see it and beside we are 10 miles to Daytona Beach and it was bumper to bumper traffic on I-4 east. The sign worked out, somebody stop us on our way to Daytona just to sell their tickets, the first car who stopped us, he only had 1 tickets so sorry we can't use it, then the second one he got 2 but it's in the grand stand and we don't want to be in the grand stand so we kept going and hit Daytona Beach. Now find the place to park the car, we drove at Speedway International Blvd and we saw cars were park everywhere in the side of the road even though cops were everywhere too. Finally found our spot at the parking lot of Denny's Restaurant(not too bad). Went to McDonald's and somebody saw the sign that we had and told us he got a friend who got the tickets and it's in the Old Field Tower which what we want. We waited for him for awhile at McDonald but he didn't came back so we started walking towards the Speedway and we saw the guy on our way and finally got our tickets($$$/ea). The place was getting chilly and i was wearing a sleeveless(never thought it will be that cold, it was at 70's earlier of the week) and a skirt so have to find a jacket so we looked and got jackets for both of us. We got free tshirt on our way to the speedway which helped me alot because i wrap it on my legs. The race was awesome!!!The noise of the motors(the cars are really really loud especially when it came by on our place),the wrecks(which sometimes ran into the wall plus the smoke and the fire which was the result of the car hitting the other cars and rubbing the road) and the cheering crowd will really make you excited. We rented the car scanner which we can either listen to the drivers and it got a screen that we can always hit TV and we can see the cars if it's in the far side. What makes the difference too was we made a little bets in the Internet just to make us a little bit more excited and somebody to cheer on. I had Jeff Gordon(24), Mark Martin(6) and Dale Earnhardt Jr(8) and unfortunately they all lost and Ray had his own bets too and he won a little bit.
The bottom line was we enjoy the
DAYTONA 500 car race. Tell you the truth I WANNA GO BACK NEXT YEAR!!!! I really hope we can!!!! :)

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