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Saturday, December 15, 2007

a long week

Monday, I was ready to go to work when I suddenly have a massive abdominal pain. I ended up staying home the whole day. I refuse to go to a clinic because I always hate those places. I want to wait if the pain won't stop then maybe that's the time for me to go, fortunately after couple of hours it stop.
Tuesday, as usual my gym routine. I did some of the accounting books for the store. It's also my Mama's birthday so I called to greet her.
Wednesday, Carla called asking me if I can babysit Diego I said I can even though I was working, no big deal. I love to babysit him, he's a sweetheart, he's not a headache at all. I used to babysit most of my nephews and nieces when I was in
Davao. I even traveled once with nephew but that wasn't easy. Carla drop Diego at the store around 3:30 pm and Nick(dad) will pick him up at the house at 6:30pm, it's only like 3 hours. Our first time to have a baby in the car, we have no idea how to put the car seat for the baby but we figured everything out.
Thursday, getting serious about finishing the store accounting books so we can give it to our accountant by the end of the week. I also pay bills since I am planning to take a day off Friday. I pretty much did the books and decided to go to the gym to relax. I just did my machine exercises and head to the pool for the water class. Around
7pm we let the dog run inside the store while we were in the adult store looking for my costume for the Halloween (didn't find what i am looking for though and most are too big). When we came back to the store we saw the dogs in the garbage where i threw the chocolate cake, my leftover from earlier. We panicked knowing that chocolate are not good for dogs. They can die. We wish we knew who(Rocky or Bullwinkle) ate and how much. We went to Pet supermarket to get something for them to vomit instead the guy said they don't have anything but we can try the milk with oil to make them throw up.
We gave them the milk with oil when we got home. Our friend Andrew and his girlfriend Jackie invited us to go to United Skates of America later at night (
9pm). We went skating, I meant to say they went skating, I don't think I did, first of all I dunno how to skate even though I've been there once but still not enough then the most I can do is going back and forth in the locker room. It was fun looking at the good skaters dancing in the beat and doing all kinds of crazy things. We got home around 12:30 am and notice that one of our dogs having a diarrhea. We panicked again knowing that having diarrhea is one of the symptoms. Ray started searching in the Internet and looking for 24-hour veterinary hospital in Tampa. I called 2 and the second one offered 24 hour service(that was relief in case we need to bring our dogs). Our dogs doesn't really act like they are sick and doesn't show anything different except the diarrhea so we just observe and luckily they're still up and alive this morning. Thanks God!
Friday, Yehey it's my day off. Gotta start cleaning folks......

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