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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bad Eater

Raymond is most picky person i've ever met when it comes to food. It doesn't really bother to me because he already told me about it and ever since he was a little boy he is like that so NO BIG DEAL. Different people has different likes and dislikes, different temperament, different measurement of happiness and different principles in life.
Last night wasn't the right time for all his fuss. After i left from Shapes Total Fitness, obviously i am hungry and i am craving for my PINAKBET. At first i asked him what he wanna eat for dinner(i dinner cook his food unless he wants it or else he will throw it straight to the garbage). He said he is not sure yet, so i cook my rice for my Pinakbet. Then i asked him again, this time he said he wants stear with rice and this banana like food but it's not (sound like platinous). He told me to put it in the oven toaster and he wants it dark. So i did all of those. I was starving and of course i have to wait for his food. I took out the steak and showed it to him and he said it's not cook yet so put i it back in the oven. The platinous is not even dark yet. When i i take out the steak he said it's over cookso he don't want it anymore. Since i am starving i went to the dining room and eat my dinner. I heard him saying "So you let me starve?". So that's the bigenning of our misunderstanding. I never made him another dinner. I don't want a verbal kind of fight because we'll just say words that we didn't mean. So i rather keep quiet and wait until we are both calm and talk about it. I slept to the other room.

This morning he told me about the dead cat outside being killed by the two bulldog(which is the owner just let them wander) of the neighborhood. They already killed 4 cats including the one this morning. The 911 showed up last night and it's not their duty and the owner of the cat called the animal control. We are waiting to share our complains.

Anyway, obviously we are now. Last night was just a tiring night and both hungry.

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