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Saturday, December 15, 2007


I'm just done watching the movie "Sleepless in Seattle", i thought i won't be able to finish the whole thing and my earlier nap helped a lot. I was in a bad mood earlier and when i woke up the TV was in TBS and favorite show was on "FRIENDS" and the next was just in time "Sleepless in Seattle" so i decided to watch it, i am still trying to cool it down and watching the movie was kind of emotional that it was able to dig inside of me. I read and heard about it that it was good so i was waiting for it to be aired. Not really trying hard to tape it because i didn't spend time looking on the TV schedules and trying to record it on DVR to avoid commercial. Call me stupid but sometimes i like watching commercial but most of the time it irritates me especially Ray. I hardly use the DVR, believe me when I'm home alone i will just put the TV on the channel that i think it's pretty interesting but i have the music on. I love the movie and it really catches my attention that i was able to finish it. I can be up the whole night but it should be outside not just watching TV. I am so flexible i can be a party goer one day and a laid-back person the next day but I'd rather listen to music than watch TV the whole night(I am a lousy love song lover especially when i am sleeping but i am pretty updated with new songs though).

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