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Friday, December 14, 2007

NBA All Star Game

Last night was the NBA All Star game. It was the East coast versus the West coast and of course Ray and I make a bet for ourselves. I am betting for the East Coast to win and he is for the West Coast. If i win he has to drive for me all the way to Oldsmar where the Filipino store is located and if he'll win he will pick a gurl for me to dance with in the club which we like to go out for dancing.
It was already at the half time when we got home from Daytona last and the West Coast was winning. Fortunately the East Coast tried their best on the 3rd quarter and was leading on the the 4th quarter and won the which means i won the bet too:) BASKETBALL was my only favorite before but now i am a fan of sports which is i think is FUN. Still going out dancing is not out at all. I love to go out dancing and dancing dancing and dancing. :)

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