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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend at Sanibel Island

We’re not supposed to be leaving this weekend because of our nephew’s birthday party but we want to get away. We haven’t done anything last weekend and it was pretty stressful at the store. Since we haven’t been to Sanibel Island in a year (is that long??? I guess yes) so we planned it for the weekend with Rocky and Bullwinkle. We left Saturday since we just gonna stay for a night and go to the beach. We arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon and the weather wasn’t participating. It was showering when we got to Island and checked in to our favorite Kona Kai hotel room (Oh not an expensive but happiness of the stay doesn’t rely on how it looks, it depends on how you spend your quality time for your whole stay, just my opinion anyways). We thought for sure they will allow pets but they don’t anymore. They were considerate because we already have our dogs and we made our reservations the day before the checking in. The funny thing is we snuck Bullwinkle in the room because they only let us bring one and Ray told them we only have one ;). We were telling jokes in our room because we can’t do anything since it is sprinkling outside. We normally do something just to make our stay worth it. So slept the whole afternoon and went to a club in Fort Myers, Florida at night. Sunday went to the beach with our 2 beach lover dogs. It was a very nice day too. I can’t believe in the middle of December I can still wear bikini. On our way home the Football game is on the radio and I was trying to get it in the little TV but unfortunately I can’t get it most of the time. I was been screaming in the car because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus The Chicago Bears was very exciting. The buccaneers had a chance to win the game but Bears won after they scored a field goal in the over time.

Oh so nice to get away from the tiresome work even just for a day.

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