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Friday, December 14, 2007


Yup, we are both tired from goin' out last night. Today is our laziest day ever, we are both kinda giddy and having hung over from our drinks at the club. I had Baileys and Ray had his Screw driver. I met another filipino at the bar and evrytime we went there it's seems like i always met different filipino. She lived in Dunedin and been here for 15 years. She got 6 kids but she looks great.

Guess what, what we did the whole day....we slept all day. Yea, that's true, we woke up around
11am for breakfast and went back straight to bed and woke up around 6pm. We are really tired of dancing all night. It was really fun everytime we go to the club. Ray love to watch me dancing with those other girls in the dance floor. Yup, i danced with girls i met in the club. I wish Gamyot will go with us one time so we can have our great time dancing in the club. Gamyot hope you will, i miss our fun time in Downtown Disney.

Dancing is one of my passion, i love it.

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