"Destiny is not a matter of CHANCE, It is a matter of CHOICE"

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Another amazing year had passed, welcoming 2008 is a bit interesting and wonder what would a new year will bring but of course it's always "Destiny is not a matter of CHANCE, it is a matter of CHOICE" so good luck with all the choices you're making because it will mold your whole year and even whole life.

Anyway, we are in New York City for New Year but definitely will not recommend to anybody about going next time if all you want is to see the ball drop just like what i want to see. Honestly, when we were actually in New York City we just decided not to go for the ball drop because TV already said about people going just to see the event. We just go earlier to take pictures while they're testing the ball drop yet we never had a chance because as early as 3pm when we get there from Philadelphia, PA, police already had blocked and put barricades on some of the roads going to Times Square. First of all, parking was terrible. Luckily i changed my boots (with heels) into a comfortable sneaker we walked a long ways from where we park the car in a subway station and still need to walk to times square. We finally arrive around times square but cops were everywhere and stops us from crossing the road. When we finally got to one point where we thought we can see it if we just be in 1 block ahead but we were wrong. We actually get a road where cops won't let us go but when we told her that we are going to the restaurant she escorted us to the place. We went inside and had a drink since we already ate earlier. When we got out from the restaurant we to go times square but it's only like there but we can't see the ball. We hang out for awhile and i even asked the police to take a picture of the ball, he was so nice and he even let me pass through the barricades and told me that the ball is there yet i can't see it because it wasn't lit up yet. Damn, all i was able to see was the big screen TV in times square which I've seen it already. The cop even pointed the ball and asked me if i will still want him to take a picture of me but i refuse since i got pictures already and all i want is the ball. He told me I can take pictures later when it's all lit up but i have to get out and just come back later. He even said he'll be at the car at 11:15pm and we made a deal but me and ray just leave, the hell with the ball drop, the weather is freezing (for a Floridian), it's not just cold it's biting cold!
I'm glad we did it, at least we now know and experience the New Year Craze even though never had a chance to see the ball drop. Definitely never in my imagination to do it again.

In 42nd and 7th so close yet never saw that damn ball

Men in uniform getting ready just in case something happen. I asked one of them to be in a picture with because i just want want a picture with his gun but he refuse to for security reasons.

Walking in one of the busy streets of the BIG APPLE

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