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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Filipino food

I miss them, my friend called me last week and she said that we are having a get together since Monday was a holiday. I went at her house Monday even though the store was open ( hey I'm the boss..hehehe). I only see my friends once in awhile because they're busy and and I am busy myself. Actually Ray found her working as a manager in McDonald's when I was still in the Philippines. Ray told her about me and when I came here we became friends automatically. She's been here 9 years. Through her I found more friends and we always meet at her house since she is a good cook. Every time she cook and I can't come she always call and said pick this food I got for you since I am only 2 miles away from her house. Gathering with other Filipino is just fun, you will feel at home. I miss my parents and family but not as much as the first 6 months. Now I adjusted pretty good with the help of my family and friends here.

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