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Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was just cleaning out my hard drive and looking at my pictures in my computer. I came across with my old pictures when i was so naive (hope I look like one) and assuming that the world is so gentle and nice. Now that I embrace reality, the world outside the classroom is much much different, crimes happens every day, accidents occurs every hour or so. When you finish college or get out from school then you you are outside and trying to make a living, everything that you imagine change in a blink of your eye. It's really bizarre when you start looking for job, you may find one but it's not really what you want or the salary is lower than what you expected. It's just the fact that happens to most of us.
Anyway here's my photo that made me think of my old days

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gen2507 said...

nag unsa man ka diria dai? haha naghunahuna sa mga kaagi ? lol haha nindot man sad ni pagkakuha, sexy kau imoang pics angayan ka kau ba.