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Monday, January 7, 2008

Road Trip to NorthEast Part 2

This trip was supposed to be pure pleasure yet in the last minute before our flight we got this European painting so we just brought the painting with us to show it some museum up north. After New York City, we went to Hartford, Connecticut. We don't know why we're going over there, we don't have any itinerary to follow, as long as we got gas in the car we'll drive to wherever the car will bring us. The next day we went to Providence, Rhode Island. Then we continue to Cape Cod and then Boston, Massachusetts. I like the people in the Boston, they're friendly and very helpful. One thing we noticed was the roads and interstate system was very confusing. When you missed an exit you'll end up in a bridge. It's just confusing to us even with the help of our GPS. Another thing was the parking, for a 2 and a half parking for 36 dollars is not reasonable, it's more of a rip-off! We were debating whether to go to Augusta, Maine or not but then we decided to go ahead anyway. On our way to Augusta,we stop at Concord, New Hampshire for lunch. As we continue to Maine snow was getting bad, it's getting white everywhere we look, even the road is hard to see, We were speeding a lil bit hoping a mile forward will be better not knowing the speed limit in the small town somewhere in New Hampshire, we saw a cop car going the other way yet he put his light to turn back around, so Ray just pulled over in a nearest parking lot of a motel. Somebody told us that if you think you're speeding and the cop is behind you but he didn't put his light yet you can pull over in a gas station or any parking lot and they can't give you a ticket. We decided to stay in that motel, we asked the lady and she said they're very strict about the speed limit and when we were in the we were like lunatic looking out the window checking if the cop is still there. The next day we continue to Augusta but halfway it's snowing really bad so we just stop in Mexico, Maine to eat and then went back to Montpelier, Vermont. I like the city even though side walks were covered with snow. We had our ice cream, I've been wanting ice cream, I don't care if it's cold. We have coat and car heater anyway :) .

Welcome to Montreal, Canada, first thing i noticed was the speed limit. 90! I was wondering if it's miles because U.S. never had that speed limit, the most we've seen is 80/mph and that's only one time somewhere in Texas. Out of curiosity, I've been looking out and I finally found out it's kilometers per hour so it made it slower. Montreal is nice but Toronto is nicer. Buildings were amazing. Nice view of Lake Ontario, main reason why we want to go there to complete our 5 Great Lakes water Collection.

We were able to see Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, it is a lot better in the Canadian side than the US side. A lot livelier, more stuff to do than just look at the waterfalls which unbelievable and a TRUE GOD creation.

We also went to Morgantown, West Virginia. The only state that was left in that area. We went back to New York for our New Year. The ball drop which i didn't see and a lot of people were waiting and trying to get to and trying to witness but it's all impossible if you get there later, I mean you have to be there i guess from 8am in the 31st and wait until 12am on the 1st which is NOT so worth it! considering the horrible weather and a 12 hour wait is just so inefficient.

We went to Atlantic City and spent a day and then went to The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Went back to New York City and spent our two days in the City.

Happy New Year everyone!

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