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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend well spent

We didn't really do much this weekend. Saturday at least didn't have to work and all i did was sleeping all day instead of cleaning, hmmm maybe I did a little bit of cleaning and mostly sleeping ( hey nobody's perfect). Sunday I decided to go to church at 12:30pm ( I've been wanting to go and always have reasons and I end up not going, to be honest I can count it with just my hand). Ray and I went to our computer store to finish something and then realized we're hungry so we just went to Chili's so we can watch the Indianapolis Colts against the San Diego Chargers football game. The Chargers(28) beat Colts(24) (I wanted the Colts to win so there will be Colt versus Patriots game but I guess not anymore). By the way we both love the steak fajitas from chili's and on top of that is the molten chocolate cake, it's just incredible. Then after eating, we went home to watch the Dallas Cowboys against the New York Giants, the Giants (21) beats the Cowboys (17).
We went grocery shopping since we have nothing to eat at all. That's all for this weekend and hope y'all have a wonderful weekend folks.

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