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Monday, January 28, 2008

3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

Sunday January 27 was our 3rd year wedding anniversary. It seems like we've only known each yesterday yet we know a lot from each other. Marriage is not just LOVE, it's got everything to make life the most challenging one. Living with someone you love is tough yet fun. You have to learn how to understand, communicate and file yourself up with patience because you surely need it for a relationship that you will in to. What I learn about my 3 years of marriage is a thing called "GIVE AND TAKE". Two people committed should know how to give and take in order for that relationship to work and last. Don't expect that when you start a relationship you can't just take and take because that someone will be tired of giving and next time you you are pushing him away from you and your relationship.
We still have a long ways to go so we better pack with all the ingredients that will make this all work until the end.

We have pictures from the casino dinner cruise:

Inside the boat

Outside before the boat depart

Ray's Cactus for me to take care of

My vase of flower from my hunnybunny

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PuTLie said...

happy 3rd anniversary sis. Happily ever after.