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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Board Game Tournament

My hubby Ray and I agreed to have a tournament of scrabble last summer. The rule is we'll play and whoever wins the first 15 games win the tournament. We also agreed that whatever word you put on the board you have to know what it means and have to explain it. It's a great way of learning and I love it but it's tougher because I know a lot of words yet I don't know all the meaning so I have to play whatever I know. We had 2 set of scrabble tournament last summer and I won both tournament.

Now that we found another board game we decided to play and have a tournament again. I know you all are familiar with Monopoly board Game. It's tough for me because I never played 1 ever since and it's kinda tricky and needs to be wise on spending your monopoly money or you'll lose in the game. We already played 4 games and it's 1-3 so far. Ray is winning on this tournament. Whoever wins the first 10 win the tournament. It's fun and it's definitely a way of making yourself occupied.

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PuTLie said...

i love playing scrabble too :) so fun.