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Friday, December 14, 2007


Man, it's freezing in here. We planned to go out early so we can make it worth. We didn't go here to stay in the room. We are in the road around 7:30 in the morning. Our plan is to go to the South rim of the Grand Canyon and then to the West rim for the 1:30 pm Papiloon reservation. At 8:00 o'clock we are in South rim. Man it is awesome. There is no place like the GRAND CANYON. The formations, the color which varies when the sun ray hit it. Oh boy, I am astound of the breathtaking view the place can offer. I don't care if it's chilly, hell ya! i saw one of the natural wonders of the world. We left at 10:15 am in the south rim, we are heading to the west rim. In relation to the laptop problem, we don't have my GPS which we can't go anywhere without it. We can't do anything until we get the other one, so we have to rely on Ray's GPS. I love my GPS just tell me where you wanna go and i will tell which road you have to get on and off. I hate using his GPS but we don't have a choice at the moment. All this time i am assuming that the west rim is in the Havasupai Indian reservation, only too late to know that it's in Haulapai Indian Reservation. I hold the steering wheel for the first time since i am not allowed yet, i don't have permit. Just to try if it's not too hard for me. There's not much cars in that road so i drove until we hit the rough road.When Ray realize we are kinda late he was going 120 mile per hours just to make it to our resevation. We arrive in the Havasupai around 1:25 pm only to know that we are not in the west rim. We are supposed to go to Haulapai Indian Reservation. The place is where our first plan, where the havasu and mooney falls located but we changes our plan. We also agreed that it is kinda cold to go down to the canyon and stayed for the night. We have to drive back and somehow find the Haulapai Indian Reservation. We are back to route 66(the historical route 66) and ask somebody for the direction. We also drove back and forth because we can't just drive without having a full tank of gas. The most useless driving we ever made. It was a heck of a drive too. Finally make our way to the Grand Canyon West airport where Pipillon is located. We really thought we can't go to the ride anymore. We also turn our back to the motel but somewhat came to there office and ask them what's the best thing to since they already run the credit card we already pay the initial payment for cash. Fortunately, they reschedule our ride for the next morning. Somehow, paid all our effort, we really wanna go to that ride no matter what it takes. We hang out for a little while and see the canyon west rim when the sun set. It's nice to see the color changes. Going back to the motel kinda confusing because we went to the other way which they said the shortest way to get out from the canyon. But it is further going to back to the motel. I can't wait to be in bed. It was a long day but the experience is awesome.

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