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Friday, December 14, 2007


Second day of our business-pleasure tour into the west. Early in the morning we already have a problem, the laptop hard drive crashed. We called at the store and have our technician send another one in motel 6 where we have to stay for 2 days. We'll get it the next day so no big deal. Today we returned the car and have to get another one but it is in another rental company. We are settled with the car and have our reservation for the helicopter-boat-bus ride in the Grand Canyon through the Papillon Company, we rented another one for two weeks. The whole thing was done until one o'clock in the afternoon. So we decided to go to some of the casino in the Las Vegas Strip. We went to the Excalibur, luxor, Mandalay Bay and New York New York. We ate in New York New York. At four o'clock, we are heading towards The Grand Canyon in Arizona, one of he wonders of the world. On our way to there we saw Hoover Dam and lake mead but it's dark so i can't see it really good. We will just see it on our way back to Vegas since we are coming back to celebrate New Year. We arrive in Flagstaff at 10:00 in the evening. We already called motel 6 for our stay in there. Have to rest again...Goodnight

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