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Friday, December 14, 2007


Sleep late today, woke up around 10:00 am. We packed our
things and put them all in the car. Went back to the hotel
and get our tickets for the stratosphere tower. Have our
breakfast and found place near their tv stations where
we can watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the
New Orleans Saints. We went to the top of the tower during
the half time of the game. The tower is high, they have four
rides(get off, get down, get up and get around). The rides
aren't that scary but the fact that you are a thousand feet high,
that makes the difference. We didn't didn't went to any of those
rides because Ray don't want to. He is afraid of height. I am not
scared to go to, i just don't want to go alone. I don't think
it is as exciting as duelling dragon in
Islands of adventure in Universal
Orlando Resort.
We went back down to see the rest of the game and Tampa Bay Buccaneers won.
Here we go again, heading to the road towards
Death Valley and stay the
night in
Reno, Nevada.
Death Valley is awesome in it's own way. It's mainly beautiful mountain
and driving through it is a memory to reminisce. Besides the
fact that you are in the lowest part in the world. I saw signs that says
elevation -190 but there is one part that is -225 according to our GPS.
That was really pretty. One thing i noticed while driving into the west,
it is nice and prettier than driving east. Mountain are just breathtaking.
The rest of the day was driving towards
Reno, Nevada. As we go up north,
makes me excited because i saw the weather channel saying they have snow in
It will be my first time :). I hate chilly weather but i am crazy to see snow
and being snowed.
That night they don't have snow where we stayed. We are worry because we check
highway safety and it says I-80 smewhere in truckee is closed because of
the snow storm. We are just hoping for the best the next day.

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