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Friday, December 14, 2007


The same old day, this is mainly for business. Of course, have our plan for the day. First thing in the morning is to get our tickets for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Got our tickets so time for the business again. We went to the other three locations; Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Hilton Hotel and Alexis Villas. That was pretty easy, we rode the bus intended for the convention because it is really hard looking for a parking space. Today is the last day so we want to see the rest. It was fun and tiring.
two o’clock we are back at the Sand’s Expo for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. We walk inside and look around just like what others are doing. Having autograph signing with those porn Stars that I don’t even recognize. My outfit is not daring at all. But guess what, someone approaches me and wanted to have a picture with me (Hello I am not a porn star and I don’t even have a boob to boast but I am happy with it). I even told him I am not working in there but still he wart to so Ray took a picture of the guy and me. I am still shock, we continue roaming around here come another one, this time he is a gay from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. He asks me which company I am working with. Then I said nope, I didn’t worked at all. He can’t believe and he even said I am prettier than those porn stars (of course I know he’s exaggerating. I saw pretty faces in the show). Before he left he gave me his card to call in case I need a limousine (which I can’t afford). Another two guys wanted a picture with me, this time it’s different because they are Filipino, are they nuts? I am not a star, why they want to have a picture with me. We talk in Tagalog of course. I don’t even know where they came from. If the star is real pretty then I will be in line just to have an autograph (especially shirt autograph) and have pictures with them. When I am posing with the star some will take pictures of us too supposedly just Ray. I am not exaggerating the whole scenario but it happens to me. I also have picture with a Filipino porn star. She wasn’t friendly at all. I just don’t know if she’s pressured of my presence because I am Filipino too or she’s really like that.
The whole thing was fun and exciting. Life in Vegas again, I like be in the slot machines because I can order my new found drink, Baileys. We tried to find this clubs outside the strip unfortunately we found one but it’s kinda slow so we check in to the Stratosphere. Finally the business related stuff is done.

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