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Friday, December 14, 2007


Today is focused on the business trip. So we went to Sand’s Expo. The convention is really cool. Mostly electronic related stuffs and lots of big companies who participated in the convention. At that day we knew about the other convention called AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, Internext Las Vegas. We are curious so we want to buy tickets. We went there around five o’clock and they still sell tickets but only for that day. We don’t want to waste our money for just an hour so we decided to go to the next day.
At night just enjoying the night through casino hopping. We just want to experience
Las Vegas as what it is known for. We went to Rio to watch their parade inside the casino. Have our dinner in this Mexican restaurant as usual my favorite chimichangas (I had it with that food). We also went in club Rio. We thought they have a show but it’s been a couple of hours and it was just dancing. We dance for a little bit and Ray doesn’t really like rap and the kind of music they played so we head our butt in the car and drove to the motel.

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