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Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekend Express

Finally, i am convinced by Ray to go to this bar last Saturday. He's been telling me about the place, that it is nice to hang out, we can can dance and play pool. We love playing pool though he always win but when it comes to dancing, he can't keep up with me.
I almost forgot about the fight of
Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales. Luckily i was just playing with the tv remote after we had our dinner(take out from our favorite chinese restaurant "Dynasty") and mistakenly saw the first fight before the main event(Morales-Pacquiao). We waited for an hour, the whole thing starts at 9:00 pm. It was 11:00 pm and still not the main event. It's getting late so we decided to record it and watch it when we come home. We recorded the remaining of the show.
This our first time to this place but we already saw it in the website. The place is nice.They have a dance floor, two pool table. It was really fun. I like the place, we play of course dance and have our drinks. We met a filipina, she was with her fiance. They came from
Fort Lauderdale and they heard it so just want to check the place out.
We stayed there for four hours. We got home around
3:30 am, i wasn't even a bit sleepy because i have my favorite coconut 'n coke(i love it). My college classmate leave a message on my yahoo messenger saying Pacquiao won the fight. I was so excited to see the fight especially that i knew he won. It's nice because we don't have any commercials or just forwarded it in between the rounds. They have 12 rounds but he knock Morales down on the 10th round. The first, third fourth and fifth rounds morales was winning. On the sixth Manny started to give him power punch(i don't know what to call them, i am not a boxing fan).
Sunday, expected not to wake up early because went to bed late. In the afternoon we went to the flea market just to get those fake fishes for the wall in our jacuzzi. We got some last year and he still wanted 3 more. After that, we went to the store and watch the football game(Seatle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos). My bet is the Seahawks because i told Ray that the Steelers and the Seahawks will be the teams in the Super Bowl two weeks ago even before the Steelers played with the Indianapolis Colts. Of course my team will be Pittsburg Steelers to win the Super Bowl.
We finish watching the Seahawks vs Panthers at home. I prepare for our dinner and here we go again on my craving for filipino food. I made a steak for Ray and a pig feet for me( he always said yuck but i don't care, i miss it!!!) After the game and the dinner, we watch the movie Cinderella Man on dish Network PPV in our jacuzzi.
That pretty much it for our weekend. Just for both of us but it was fun. Little things we will make it funnier than the usual.

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