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Friday, December 14, 2007

it's a long week

It's been a week since we got back, and it's almost a week since i have a cough. Damn i hate it!!!! It's really a long week for us after we almost lost Bullwinkle twice this week. God i thought for sure we lost him. That damn Bullwinkle (the houdini). We left them at the house with their pet door open so they can just go in and out. Mom called us that somebody called telling her that she got bullwinkle and the call is from FMU, which is 2 blocks away from the street of our house. Bad news is we can't pick him up because we were on our way to Orlando to get the Laptops. So mom picked bullwinkle up. The lady said he actually crossed Hillsborough ave, can you believe that? without being hit or worst killed???? we really can't believe it but he is so lucky. Thanks God. That will make me sad for sure. I love that dog.
By the way, i got a nice day yesterday. It's not as exciting but it's kinda of a rewarding day. I went to Shapes Total Fitness, stayed there for three hours(which i never did before). Hunger is tempting me while i was in a treadmill. I stayed in it for 20 minutes and snuck out to burger king. I don't know what's wrong with me but i can't tolerate that the next time. I can't imagine myself having unbearable fats even though I've been trying to gain a little bit of it. I got back in the gym and work out until
six o'clock.
Ray picked me up and went back to the store just to get the Rocky and Bullwinkle. We stop at ABC to get Margarita for our drink. Jacuzzi sounds really good so after we had our dinner because i was so hungry but i don't feel like eating anything except craving for a pizza rolls. I am a bad eater sometimes. If i will crave for something, i will survive for just that i don't care anything as long as i have it. I don't care if we got other foods if i want it that's it. Life can be tough sometimes but we made it tougher for sure :) .
Suddenly got headace so i don't feel having margarita so i just made one for ray and watch "The Dukes Of Hazzards" in the jacuzzi. The movie wasn't that entertaining but we have a nice and relaxing night at the jacuzzi that end up in a
Lover's Dance.

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