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Friday, December 14, 2007


We thought for sure both parks are out of our sight because of snow and we saw in the map that they closed in winter. We called them and they said they are open but some parts are being closed because of snow. We stop n a gas station gas up and ask about the road. The lady said we are lucky because it's been two weeks since the sun is hiding and been snowing but today is a beautiful sunny day. She also said we don't need a snow chain for the tires.
Yosemite National Park here we come. First I notice is the snow in the side of the road and in the trees. They are so pretty. Everything is white or green. While driving up the more snow you'll see and while we are in road going to the main area of the park we saw bunch of small waterfalls. I don't know if it's because the snow is melting or it's a waterfalls but of course big waterfalls that you can't even walk near it. We stop to some waterfalls beside the road just to take pictures and even climb to the nearest spot we can. I really love waterfalls. They are so gorgeous. We went to Bridalveil waterfall and it is preeminent. Ray started to go up near the drops of the water. I don’t want him to because it’s dangerous but he did. I am worried but he came back safe but he got scrapes on his elbow and knee.
After that we went to the gift shop, we always get a shot glass and a souvenir wherever we go. We continue to see
Yosemite waterfalls. They have the lower and the upper Yosemite fall. That was magnificent. Ray climb again into the drops of the waterfall. He is a risk taker he’s always been but this time it’s not as far as the other one.
Then we tried to find the upper waterfall but we went the wrong way so we just went where some people are playing snow. I love snow but to live in a cold place there’s no way. Maybe I am just amazed seeing it for the first time.
We got out in the park and drove towards
Sequoia National Park. It is south of Yosemite so it works out perfect. Man, the Sequoia trees are humongous. I never had seen trees like those trees before. They are unbelievably big. The Sequoia national Park is mainly trees not just trees but humongous trees.

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