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Friday, December 14, 2007


We didn’t stay in downtown LA. We are 20 miles away from it so we decided to go to Hollywood hills first to see the Hollywood signs. They are big. It’s not easy to be close to those letters. Then we went to Hollywood Blvd to see the Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Star Walk of fame. I can’t believe that main stars are The Beatles and Elvis Presley. I saw some that I knew and a lot of stars in there that I didn’t they exist. At least I saw Nicholas’ walk of fame star. He is one of my favorite actors. Then we stayed there for a couple of hours and guess what? They are having the movie premiere of “Glory Road”. I always see a movie premiere in TV especially in VH1 but I didn’t expect to see a premiere of a movie.We also drove in Beverly Hills to see some of the houses of Hollywood stars. We went to rodeo drive where the Hollywood stars do their shopping. The street doesn’t just look expensive, everything are really expensive.
Finally, we are done with
California. Hopefully we will go back the next time.

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