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Friday, December 14, 2007

Crappy Mood 3

Here i go again in my . Today we started our day fine. We are not caught up of anything. All day is really fine. We plan to work late tonight. We are not hungry yet to have our dinner because we ate our lunch so late. We went to the strip club to play some game of pool, then went to ABC liquor to buy a bottle of Pina Colada Mix, one of my fave drinks. I make our drinks the minute we got to the store. We started working and organizing things. Since i went to the clinic this morning to have my TD(tetanus diphtheria) and MMR2 shots for my immigration, my arm hurts. I let him finish my work because it hurts whenever i exert force on it but instead he didn't listen to me. I already finished what i am doing and still didn't listen to me. I started doing what i left again but this time i am crying. I dunno why i have to cry, ah perhaps i am just being SO emotional(here comes the DRAMA QUEEN again...hehehehe). He tried to do it for me but it's too late. I am already in my , poor Raymond. He don't wanna do it because he is planning to finish it tomorrow. I didn't know it and besides i wanna finish it. He said we are leaving in 5 minutes, i never say any words. Once my anger started, you can't do nothing about it. Just let it cool down and i will just talk after. He brought the dogs to the car, he stayed a little bit longer, then i am still not talking nor leaving. He give me the key to the front and said call him if i am ready to go home. He left with Bullwinkle and Rocky. I am left all alone in this f***k**g place, listening to iFM Manila. I know he's at our house because my yahoo messenger logged off and said i logged in to another machine. He did it on purpose. Well, let's see how long i can stand with it. I know i can't stand any longer. I wanna go home and i don't want our situation to stay like this. I know it's natural for a couple to have some misunderstandings sometimes but i wanna make up with it in the soonest possible time. I know it's my fault, i am just acting like a child but to tell you the truth, i hate him calling me "damn kid" even if it's just a joke just to annoy me. I really hate it, i am not a kid anymore hence i am acting like one.
Give me sometime to make myself brave enough to call him...hehehehehe....For sure not later than midnight.....i don't wanna sleep in here...without bed.....i am not that tired to sleep in the chair....hehehehehehe

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