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Friday, December 14, 2007

Saturday Night Out 2

Last night is my hunnybunny's advance birthday celebration at Denise's(his sister) house. Since most of his family is in Florida so i pretty much see them all. As usual greetings and gifts. What i miss in the get together of the family is the closeness, warmness and of course the food is always excellent. Our plan before we went to Denise's house is to go to a bar in Plant City after his birthday party. We came home around 10:00 o'clock in the evening, it's kinda cold so we decided to go home and just went to the bar near our house. He went to the bar first to see if the place is nice and to make sure it's not unorganized. He came back home and get me. Yea, the place is not nice. They have pool table which is what i want. I love to play pool even though i am not good on it. it's just fun and challenging for me.
Guess what! I tip a stripper and ask her where she came from and she told me she came from where i came "
PHILIPPINES". Man, I can't believe i see a Filipina stripper dancing in the stage half naked. It's so discriminating. I know we have prostitution in the Philippines but i still can't believe i will see a Filipino stripping in here. Is it really hard to get a decent job in here?
Ray and I always argue with a stripper getting a decent job. He will always say stripper don't have any talent except stripping and of course i will always contradict to what he is saying because i believe each of us has a capability to things if we want to. Stripper are just like others. They probably want easy money and lazy to get a decent job that will pay them $6.25 - $10.00 per hour if they can get minimum of $20 per dance plus tips.
Anyway, i really love their Pina Colada but of course nothing like ours at home....hahahahahaha

By the way, i did called Ray 30 minutes after i wrote my . He drove from the house to get me from the store. It wasn't easy to call him but i did. He really don't make it a big deal because he knows my moods now a little bit(but still trying to minimize if cannot eradicate it)

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