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Friday, December 14, 2007

Saturday Night Out

My experience last night is pretty wild and weird. We drive an hour to port Richey just to go to brass flamingo. I never have any plan to go to any nude bar at all. I don't even wanna go to Mons Venus and 2001 nude club in Dale Mabry Highway, how much more in port Richey that is an hour away, there's no way but we did last night. Somehow we didn't make it to Maxie Mound's 8:30 pm show. We decided to wait to the 10:30pm show. We saw this place called Stop N Play, tried some games. Actually it's more for kids but we still enjoy our stop there. Stayed an hour and a half.
10:00 pm we are at Brass Flamingo. The reason why we are in that nude bar is to see the biggest boobs i've ever seen and touched in my entire life. I am surprised they serve full liquor in a nude bar because they don't have it in Tampa. They have bunch of girls, i am pretty sure, one of the strippers is Filipino, but didn't talk to her. The place is nice.
Finally, Maxi Mound came out. Man! her boobs are huge!!! i mean they are humongous!!! They are bigger than what they look like in the picture. Ray convinced me to give her a tip, so i did. I went near the stage, here comes my time, I'm excited because she gave me her poster which everyone don't have it. I am just lucky. After her show we decided to sit at the couch. We didn't expect that Maxie Mound will sit at the couch next to us. Just for the heck, we started talking to her. Ask her so many questions. She told us that she been to the "Howard Stern Show". I even made a joke to her that Howard Stern probably hold her boobs(not really a joke, it's a reality because that's what they do in the show). We talked to her probably for thirty minutes or so. Hell ya, I actually touch them just to satisfy my curiosity. They are hard.

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