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Friday, December 14, 2007

Work and Stripclub Mania

GIVE ME A BREAK!!! It's almost 2 weeks now since our night routine is strip club, dinner and work. Supposedly we only worked until six o'clock at night but because the whole place is a heap we have to extend a little bit of our time(shall i say,until midnight. Is it most of the night????). It's just a complete mess, from valuable to junk stuffs everywhere, the dirt dispersed in the floor and even in the table.
We can't start the cleaning if we didn't have our pre-routine. To make it started, we go to the strip club to have a couple of drinks(either margarita, screw driver or rum n coke and i know coke is not good for me because of caffeine, i love it even the consequence is i can't sleep at night ...what the heck, i don't care!!! ) and play a game of pool. We are both impatient when it comes to work so we have to have a break. We will go to the strip club to excite ourselves on what we will be doing. After the drinks and the games, we will be craving for dinner, either Mexican food( at Miguel's(oh boy, the chimichanga, they're really good), and at la Teresita, their food is awesome), Chinese food at dynasty for their barbecue chicken(not many Chinese restaurants have it, we always check every place we went to if they have it), Shells(i am not really a sea food fan, but the food is fantastic ), and for a change a sizzling Mexican style steak straight from mom's kitchen, she invited us for dinner. She invites us every once in a while. Anyway, after dinner where our lazy butt has to sort things out and clean the the place.
Actually the whole place is not big, but it took us a while to finish because of the pre-routine and while working we always have drinks. It's boring when you have nothing to sip :). We are not alcoholic, we just need some drinks to make us going. can you imagine one room will take us three to four days to be completely done at all.
We are still making our way to make the whole place neat and clean, and the truth is we still has a long ways to go:(

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