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Friday, December 14, 2007

" S E Q U E L "

One thousand one..one thousand two........five thousand five....oh God!!! i hate my freakin' self. The damn computer clock says 3:12 am and here i am writing a blog. Why i have to give a shot when i know the consequences. I swear i will never drink coke again ever(except for my rum n coke..hehehehe....every rule has an exemption). Caffeine always makes me awake even when i was in college, i always drink coke whenever examination period comes. That is my secret just to be awake all night long, no need of prohibited drugs. We are pretty tired for the past two weeks now. We're still not done at the store. I knew i would've not even want it how much more drinking it, but the other side of me was telling me that i never drink a coke in while why not just for tonight and beside i am tired anyway so i probably sleep. So i gave myself three glasses of coke with my pork chimichanga from Miguel's. I am exhausted for the day and yet ain't enough to make myself roam in my subconscious mind. They say milk will put you to sleep but i hate drinking milk. I drink milk for breakfast but i have chocolate on it. I can't drink milk alone. I wish i didn't drink the coke.
Anyway, there are some good effects of not sleeping early tonight. I did watch the movies in Dish Network PPV like "Million Dollar Baby"{i've been waiting for that to be in PPV, saving money rather than going in theaters :)}, "Mindhunter" and perhaps when i go back to bed i will watch "The longest Yard" or "Sin City".
I wanna tell something about my crappy mood again but i don't feel like writing anymore...maybe tomorrow when i woke up i will....I bet ya i won't be up until noon....so i will just write it whenever i will be in the mood again......catch ya later....

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