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Friday, December 14, 2007

Pets here...Pets there.....

Having pets around are fun. They makes you laugh and sometimes makes you mad. We have a total of 12 animals right now. Each of those damn pets cost us money and have to feed them everyday. We got two Cats: Sheena and Molly, both female. They stayed at the house. Two Dogs: Rocky and Bullwinkle, both male. They are always with us everyday. Even on the trip, we always bring them with us. These dogs went to many states as much as we do especially Bullwinkle. They've been travelling with him even before i got here. A Marmoset Monkey Aj, he is a male. He got him when he is only 3 weeks old and now he is 2 years old. Having a monkey is not that easy we have to have a permit and monkeys are expensive). We have one Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot, we named her Daisy. She is amazing, she'll sing and talk with you.
At the store we got four
Cockatoo Bird: Chico, chica, Shelly and Chevy. They are really pretty. They don't talk they just squawk. Another pair of African Grey, they makes all kinds of sounds too.
Can you believe that? we have our own zoo here.
Having those pets is not costless, each bird cost us over two quarters of a thousand damn dollar. The monkey cost us more because it is still a baby. I don't wanna mention, it will sound conceited. Those pets eats a lot too. They eat more than i do.
You won't believe me if I say our dog Bullwinkle went to the strip club tonight and give a dollar tip to a stripper. It is true, she just wanna see Bullwinkle because she found him three weeks ago when we lost him. Another case for Bullwinkle is when he got lost in
Kansas city, Missouri. Ray didn't any money on him because his late fiancee found him 4 years ago, but then when somebody called us from Kansas city and said they got Bullwinkle. We spent a round trip air fare from Tampa to Kansas city, Missouri. Sounds crazy isn't it? We love that dog so much. He the best dog you can ever have. We don't care about the expenses. All we want is him.
Nevertheless, i am glad that all of of our birds excluding Daisy is in one room at the store where we can't hear them squawking at all. We just just had a camera at that room to make sure they're fine.
Thanks God! I can't hear them now. I had it with these pets.

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