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Friday, December 14, 2007

...day off

Day Off????? Am I suppose to have a Day off? I don't really have that much work at the store. Yea, we worked late but still for me, i don't deserve it. The man that deserves it is my partner in life. Now that he has to work on saturdays because he just fired Mike because he is not productive anymore plus he became more forgetful as time goes by. We trust him, nowadays it is hard to find someone that you can trust to especially when it comes to business. We were comfortable when we were in vacation and leave him at the store. He always said that he loves working at the store. He is always early and never been late. We gave him a few chances but each day it's getting worst. He even shared his story about his family. He is really a good man. I felt sorry for him. Ray was asking me before if we have to fire him but i always convince him not to, i always have the soft heart when it comes to people much more when they're in need.
Anyway, here i am having a day off so i will just use this as my "general cleaning" day of the house.So gotta start cleaning the house now :).

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