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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Packing

Whew!!!!Thanks God I am done. All i have to do now is wait for the time to pass by. I am really really tired. I been preparing at the same time packing.Yesterday I prepared the food and everything for Daisy(parrot), Aj(monkey) and Bullwinkle. I gave them bath because it's not mom's job :). We dropped them off last night at mom. She will take care of the three while we're gone for two weeks. Today i continued packing and cleaning the house. I don't wanna leave the house with a mess because when we come back we'll be tired and i can't stand with it. I also gave Rocky a bath. He will be staying at the store. Sheena and Molly will stay at the house. I just fill up their food bowl and give enough water. They can get in and out in the house through the pet door anyhow.
I am completely done packing. I already took a bath. I am just waiting for Raymond to pick me up later. Our flight is at
8:45 pm, so we don't have to rush at this time. I just hope i didn't forget anything.
I know we deserves it. For the past month we hardly went out. Time for ourselves for a treat.

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