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Friday, December 14, 2007

Live life to the fullest

Life has full of surprises, that you'll never know what happen tomorrow. I've been in United States for 10 months but i still can't believe i'm here. I mean i never dreamt of going here or even living in this country. Yea, they said it's nice to be here and if you came from this country you have to have a lot of money $$$ when you go home to your hometown in the Philippines. Those factors are tempting but there are a lot of situations like what they're saying filipina who came here are being beaten by their husbands, i even witnessed one at my hubby's neighborhood, where her husband don't talk to her at all. Every time we pass to her house she's sitting in the couch outside and it's dark. I know she's so unhappy but i can't do nothing to help her, it's a couples' problem and i dunno how long her situation is like that. I talked to her and she said she's been here for 16 years(16 f**ck**g years, can you believe that?????) I am just upset about my new found friend and some of my fellow filipino who suffered being the victim of the situation.

Anyway, i am here now so me and raymond have all the time in the world to enjoy each other's company. We only live once. We have to live life to the fullest! Going to places that even in my dreams before i never thought i can go,and we went to. We are not living a luxurious life but we can still go to places that we wanna go. Money is not the hindrance to have fun and to enjoy everyday of our life being together. Being in the park, beach or being lazy the whole weekend will be fun if you will both agree what you're doing.

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