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Friday, December 14, 2007

It's been awhile

Whew!!! it's been awhile since we went out for a little vacation and i miss it. Damn cold, we can't even go to Blizzard Beach nor Typhoon Lagoon in Walt Disney World. I'm just used going there last summer when we have nothing to do in the weekends. We are lucky because it's only an hour and 30 minutes at the most going to those parks in Orlando( actually Walt Disney World is located in kissimmee). I miss being there, go to the rides they have or just be in the sun. Oh man, blizzard's summit plummit(120 ft high and you're going 65 mph) is really cool, it's scary but it is really cool. That is the tallest water ride in florida probably in the whole country. We didn't even went to that secluded beach near sunshine skyway. We've planning for that last summer and now we can't go there anymore because of the cold weather. I hate to go somewhere out when it's cold. It feels like you can't enjoy anything when you go to parks with rides and beaches. It's fine if it's just looking at the places, enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Coldness for me is no big deal in stuff like visiting places.
It's gonna be in awhile until we're going to those places. Got to wait for winter time is over before we'll be in those places again :(.

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