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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bored as Hell

I can't imagine myself writing in here, but i am really bored. I have no choice i have to do it for my little guy rocky (opps, i don't have a baby but i have a puppy, he is a papillon and he is only 9 months old, he is so playful and have so much energy that sometimes irritates me but it kinda helps me because he keeps me company all day and he'll be following wherever i go no matter which part of the house.☺ )

But anyway, i have to stay at home because we brought him to the veterinarian last tuesday for the laser thing (the laser is for his throat because he barks a lot, i mean a lot. Debarking is not really to stop him from barking, it will just lower the pitch) and the vet spayed him too.

So i guess, i have to do it for my little guy, I just thank to all my wafa friends because they're always online and we talk almost everyday...thanks mga wafa☺

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