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Friday, December 14, 2007

Our 2nd Chistmas Holiday together

I am exhausted with the holidays...Thanks God it's over :).i don't know where to start my blog. I am still overwhelmed.
Our Christmas Eve is extremely exciting and soooooo fun. We have to wake up early but we got tired the night before so instead of seven o'clock we woke up around nine so we have to hurry our butt off the bed because still have to finish the gift wrapping while we are at the store and open a couple of hours. At eleven o'clock a.m. We closed the store and finds our way to the stadium. We found a spot we can possibly get. It's hard to find a good spot to park. We started walking towards the stadium. The weather is so nice(not too cold and not to warm. It's perfect. We didn't go inside yet, it's fun outside before the game started. You see people partying, having happy faces, drinks and of course loud music everywhere. We stop by at aunt Dinora's house which is just across the stadium just to greet her Merry Christmas. She is really nice but sad to say she won't be at mom's house for Christmas eve because she can't make her to there. She is old but still looking good. Then after that we decided to go inside. We have to go to Gate D. Our seat is 112 means we are in the buccaneers side. The last time we are at seat 138 which is in the back of the visitor's bench but still close to the field.
The game is so exciting. It's really different when you are in the stadium and just watching it on TV. In the stadium you have all kinds of emotions with all of the cheeriness, shouts, laughs and the boos. I won't exchange my experience to any kinds of things, being there is worth to keep it for a lifetime. I love it. I'm just hoping to see the buccaneers in the playoffs.
The game went to a very exciting overtime. Probably the most exciting game they ever had for the season. Oh boy, i can't believe that victory, it's unbelievable really.
Finally, it's over Tampa bay buccaneers 27 beat the Atlanta falcons 24.
Gotta hurry because we don't wanna be in the loop of the traffic. We have to be at mom's house for Christmas eve. It's a tradition in the family to celebrate Christmas eve at mom.
When we got to her house, everybody was so excited because of the game. They were watching the game too in TV. That was fun and warm. The family is always warm. They already started eating so we started eating too. After the food we gather all the gag gifts(also a traditional game every Christmas eve for the family). It is so funny because you can grab some body's choice of gift and sometime somebody can grab it from too. Just for fun. After the game is the giving of the regular gifts and then the dessert. Mom gave us two sets of gifts. First set is the day before Christmas eve. Then second set is at her house. Plus the gifts from the rest of the family.
We spent our Christmas day at Susie's house(sister) Christmas day. Just a little chitchat. Then Susie gave us myriad pens in the paper bag. She works at BIC that's why she got a file of pens.
Now it's our Christmas at the house, just ray, me, and the pets. We have presents for the pets and honey got couples of gifts for me and sad to say i don't have gift for my honey.
Overall, our 2nd christmas together was a memory to keep.

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