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Friday, December 14, 2007

My so called "crappy mood 2"

Today i am ready to tell about my so called " ". Yesterday was
my stinky day, we were pretty in a bit of a tizzy because we had to ship 100
computers to
Mexico, we have been working on this deal for a week. The
shipment had to be shipped out yesterday and we are short 3 computers. We
had to send an employee to get the remaining computers from our source. When
he came back, we still had to configure the machines. I Have a little bit of
knowledge on how to configure computers , so i did it. The only
unacceptable thing for me is when i am working on one thing you can't
give me another task or you're gonna experience how bad tempered i can be,
even worse is giving me two task at a time. I am not a slow learner but i'd
rather not try to do several things at one time, I just don't wanna do it
when i am being pressured. I did the three computers, i still have to encode
the serial numbers, country of origin and the brands. Encoding a serial
number is not that easy, I can't be wrong because it's going to
Mexico and
has to pass the border and if there is a problem, they can hold the items.
If it gets stuck at the border we will lose our money and we're talking of
one hundred computers.
Relating to the
Mexico deal, we have been planning our next vacation from
the profits. We were talking about the places that we will go to, and i
got irritated because the last time he went there it was with his late
fiancee and he keep mentioning her name. Here comes my so called "" again. This time I am reasonable, don't ya think? I think I am. I
didn't talk to him all night. The next morning I didn't go with him to work.
Every time we get into little fights I stay at home and chat later
throughout the day. We chatted that next day, I told him why I got mad
earlier that night and now we are completely fine, we been laughing at the
pool table at the strip club next door and have some drinks and suddenly I
am not talking to him. One thing you'll dislike about me is that I will
not talk whenever i am mad. I am doing this because i don't want to provoke my
emotions. I told him that if he is not ready to move on yet with his life,
then just tell me. I emphasized to him that I am willing to give up on the
subject, one thing you have to know is " I am his drama queen ". I know he
completely over her because I never seen him visited her grave (even one
time). I know she always has a place in his heart but that doesn't mean
anything to him. She is part of his past and that is always in his past.

"The only way to forget is to accept and the only way to move on is

to look ahead and let the footprints of the past be blown by the

wind of time. Only then can our hearts find a partner in the dance

of life and hopefully never get lost again."

That's for sure, he found me......

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