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Friday, December 14, 2007


Here comes the cold weather again, the first time i came here it was November 12, i remember the primary thing i notice is the breeze it is a little bit colder than the Philippine weather. Before, all i know Florida doesn't get cold in the winter but i was wrong. I didn't really have to adjust for it, it's not that cold cold.
The weather in
Chicago Illinois really surprises me last week, i didn't expect that they have the 40 degrees weather there. I only bring one jacket for Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina but i have to wear it in Chicago, it was freezing and i am not used to the cold weather yet, Florida wasn't that cold yet, i was still wearing my shorts when i left last week(dammit to hell).

We are exhausted from the trip last week but it was fun. I've been here for 11 months and 15 days to be exact and been to twenty(20) states already. It's just mainly the Northeast and some of the Midwest(GA, AL,LA,MS,KY,TN,NC,SC,IL,IN,NY,NJ,PA,OH,VA,MO,KS,DE,MD AND D.C.). Isn't it amazing? I can't believe i went to those states in just the span of eleven(11) months fifteen(15) days. Traveling is tiring but it's a whole lot of fun. One other thing that surprises me is the leaves of the trees and plants, some are green, yellow, red and brown. We never have changes of the leaves in the Philippines even here in Florida that's why it astonishes me, and seeing those changes is really great.
We just made an early evacuation for hurricane Wilma. We went to NEW
Orleans to see how hurricane Katrina blow them off, bollix is really bad we can't even go to Gulf port, they didn't let us in. So after seeing bollix we continued to New Orleans the FRENCH QUARTER astounded me a lot because it seems that they have a party there. The loud music in Bourbon street, the live bands playing, the crowd holding drinks in the ire hands(both young and adults), you can't see any aftermath from hurricane Katrina. Even the building don't have any mark that they got hit. The only thing that is a big deal to me is the scene, that is just like a Friday night in YBOR city and it was only Wednesday night there. How much more in the weekends. But anyway, the news in the TV, sound it was really bad.
Another place that we went to is "
GRACELAND" Elvis Presley's Mansion. That was cool, they preserved probably most of his things. His Plaque and trophies from his awards. We also met his co-star Suzanna Leigh in one of the souvenir shops near Graceland.
Our next stop was
Chicago Illinois. Man it was freezing. The cold weather didn't stop us from wandering the city. We saw the Wrigley field(one of the oldest in the country), and we see the sears tower. While driving around Downtown Chicago we also see the Michigan Lake, i thought it was far from the downtown but it's not. We're planning to see a baseball game in U.S. Cingular field but it was too expensive. can you imagine for a baseball game you have to spend $900 bucks for one person. Forget it i am not that crazy about baseball. Downtown Chicago is just like New York city when it comes to their buildings.
Then we went to
Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. When you get to the swinging bridge you are 5,305 feet above sea level and man, it was really cold up there. The nature will really wipe out all your stress. A breathtaking scenery will make ya think you don't have any problems at all.
The last one we went was the emerald mining in hiddenite,
North Carolina, as usual finding emerald is not as easy as eating (how i wish it is). Unfortunately, we didn't get any emeralds just other stones, nothing precious.

Home sweet home. After the thought that we have to evacuate for the Hurricane Wilma. the hurricane wasn't really the main reason why we went to those places. It is part business with pleasure.

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