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Friday, December 14, 2007


Some things won't work out perfect. Just like my gym schedule. I have my contract at shapes total fitness for women for two years but it's useless because i didn't go there oftentimes. It's not that i tried to go there as often as i can, i am just so lazy to go and tone myself up. The reason why Ray enrolled me is to meet people and make friends in this country since i just got here also to make me busy, and the bottomline is to maintain my body(waaaaaaaaaaa). He don't want me to be overweight(who wants to be fat anyway!!!) and to make my skin tight because when you gets older your skin will get loose too. I am so happy that Ray did it for me, i feel fortunate but i am not using what he paid for it especially when we just arrived from the trip. I have to convince myself to be in the groove again of going to the gym, and felt like i am being dragged.I been to the gym for almost seven months now but i don't see any difference(for sure because i am too lazy to go there...hehehehehe)
Going to
SHAPES TOTAL FITNESS is fun and it's good for my health and my body. Their classes are cool especially DANCESTEP(Oh boy, i love it). I can go there whenever i want, it's just i am not really serious going in there. I only go there for the class i want to attend and i know it's not right. If i want changes in my body i have to work for it. I am not craving for a nice body, i am satisfied of what i have right now. I am not here to please somebody except Ray anyway. I know i will do anything to please him(will I? hmm...let me think!!! Of course i will!!!!).I am thinking of the booty surgery can i do that? He always ask me if i wanna do the booty surgery (i know they will look nice and juicy) but i can't really do it, it's against my PRINCIPLES IN LIFE.
Anyway, i already knew that everything is for my own good and benefits.The problem is my laziness and convincing myself not to be one. Can somebody share their secret how to motivate theirselves on doing something that have a useful result :)

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