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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why me?

The today is the actual auction that ray and I was going to go for viewing yesterday. I wanted to go so bad but I can't I need to be at the store since we just fired the employee that used to work for Saturdays (he is not working for us). He is actually a good employee yet he got other stuff going on. He got his own website that actually take in people that needs computer service just like what we do and we actually recommend our customer to him but when it comes to the store on Saturdays, we need someone that can be there all the the time because that's one of our main reason to hire someone to be there when we are not. We always like to take off on the weekends and having someone that will not give us 5 hour notice that he can't come in is not feasible. it is impossible to find someone to replace him for just a day! So now I can't go to the auction even though I want to go o bad and I am here stuck at the store because ray want some of the items they are auctioning off. I just hope he won't go crazy bidding so high because sometimes he just keep bidding it up and he forgot he is way too high! I'll just cross my fingers on that!

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