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Monday, August 11, 2008

Pretty Laid Back

Yesterday was kinda different. We had everything planned Friday that we are gonna bring the dogs Sunday to the beach where the sand bar bar(shallow spot away from where the water meets the sand) is in Fort Desoto. I was so excited I always love to bring them over there because I love watching them swim or they'll drown because they don't have a choice unless I put them in the chair or the boat. We got this 2 seater canoe which is enough for us to bring them the shallow spot but everything was just a plan. I screwed it up with moods. Instead of going out we ended up staying inside the house the whole day and watch movies. Luckily Ghost Ship was on so we were able to see it since we want to watch the whole movie again. I saw it before but I kinda forgot about it and I need to be reminded. I have seen 3 other pay per view movies too, nothing really spectacular. How was your weekend?

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