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Friday, August 15, 2008

Over Board

Yea, I my mood kinda went over board earlier when I know that my husband's old friend (girl) came in. I have been answering the phones while doing other stuff which I am behind and when I forward calls to him and he is not answering it because he is been talking to his friend. Next time I know the employee said that the girl is in his office, I was like what? Nobody goes there except us an immediate family none of the customer can go to the office! My husband said she is a friend and he ask me if I remember his friend because she actually been here before and want to take me to the mall but we didn't go. I don't remember anything and I was so unfriendly when I went to the office. I just went over board when I knew she was in the office which she shouldn't be but my husband let her in anyway. My husband keep reminding me of her when she came and want to take me to shopping but too bad I can't remember her at all. I was so unfriendly that I didn't even say hi to her but I was just acting over board (what can you do I am woman ;))

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