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Friday, August 22, 2008

Ultimate Flirting Championship

I was browsing around the internet earlier and because I was bored until I
found this game website called Ultimate Flirting Championship and started playing. I was trying to make an impression on my avatar so I made sure I had my Victory Hair. I have found my style and of course it has to go with my face. When I was done with my look, I started right away with the challenge and it was pretty cool. I was able to talked to the guys and kinda know them. The game is really cool and you can actually put the widget into your page so your visitor can play with it too. The game was really fun I was like confused who I was going to choose when I was with these two guys, they are both pretty interesting. One told me that I had him at hello (which I find really cute and romantic like in the with Tom Cruise and Rene). They end up the same score but I can only pick one. Since my interest was captured with the "You had me at Hello" so I picked him!

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