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Saturday, August 23, 2008

NJ Amusement Park’s Specials

My husband decided to have someone to take over my auction task since I am doing some other stuff and can't handle it anymore. I was training the new employee yesterday and today for him to do the auctions. He just came down from the northeast particularly New Jersey area. He was telling me about the family beach vacation where they use to go to when they were still up there. He said that they also go to these New Jersey water parks . He showed me a website called MoreysPiers.com which is the largest amusement park operator in the State of New Jersey, with approximately 89 rides, 90 concessions and two beachfront waterparks: Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club and Raging Waters and they also offer weekly Specials which is a great idea to save money. With our economy going down hill, we don't want to drag our family's happiness with it. We want to have fun like we use to. We don't want to just stay at home this summer because we can't afford it anymore or we are just to worried of everything and not knowing that our family needs a break. In order to enjoy a family vacation without worrying that it will just cost us more money we need some great deals that MoreysPiers.com offers. So if you and your family are up for some adventures before summer is over, start planning your trip now and check Morey's Piers weekly Specials for you to save some big bucks and instead spend it to your family.

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