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Friday, August 8, 2008

A little break!

My day started not too good today. I am running out of time with my ebay stamp covers that supposed to go out yet I am ridiculously behind. Luckily the regular people that won the auction don't complain because they know we have a lot of stuff to do and it takes awhile to look for the covers itself. Then I was trying to get the chlorine to put in our water softener and they said they will ship on Monday and it will be here Tuesday and I was like we need it right now because we don't have any at all! So we found it locally for now yet it was twice as much and I have to drive out of town just to get and damn the weather is so hot. I got back safely at least. Right when I came back our friend came and luckily we almost closed we just hang out and drinking some rum& coke and talking about going out tonight but it was pretty late so we decided not to and maybe tomorrow we could go to the club and get crazy we'll see, hey we worked hard all week long and we need a little break ya'll.

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