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Friday, August 1, 2008

Free Cell Phones?

I have been very moody when it come to cell phone topics. I am just pissed off because it reminds me of Ray's carelessness when it comes to cell phones. When we had Verizon phones and he always want a cell phone that has certain capabilities and if you want phones that will cater you needs chances are they are not gonna be free. Paying some bucks on cell phones and then lost it, it will kinda make me mad. After losing it of course we need to get him another one so we search online for wireless deals to save some money and if I will be the one to decide I will just buy him those old ones because the chance of losing it gain is huge and if will be lost then I wouldn't care a bit at all but he has to have a pretty new one. We found some good deals at at&t wireless phones, few months after he had it, he left it outside and soaked it in the rain because Florida rains everyday especially in the summer. So the phone is not working properly and hey we have to get him another one. While looking for phones he just love the T-Mobile phones particularly the T-Mobile wing where he can read his email while we are in the road and when we are our and about we can bring our laptop and hook it up with the phone and we can just surf away with the internet since he have data too. The other day he put his phone at the edge of the back door of the truck and when he closed it he completely forgot his
cell phone
and smash it down which broke the screen! I only change one phone in the past year and he had at least 3 already. I was kinda looking at print phones because one of our employee have one and I like it a lot but on the other hand maybe we should get him some free cell phone offers to us some bucks since he is so careless. We'll see what he wants. I don't really care about what he want since it's not my money it's his! BITCH, right?

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