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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Healthy Tips!

It's Tuesday and it means it my GYM day. Our niece is staying with us for few days so I brought her to the gym today. I can bring a guess so I am taking advantage for it. We had our exercise at the machines at Shapes Total Fitness and then we went to two classes. First was the zumba which was fun but she didn't stay that long, she's only 15 and she is so conscious about everything so she went back to the treadmill. Then she came back for the next class which is my favorite "The Step class". The class is a little advance for her so she just stop and instead of leaving she just stayed in the room and watch us doing the class. Anyway, it was fun and she likes the gym. She is talking about her going to the nearest gym where she lives when she gets her license and it's going to be soon. To all readers out there, to pump up your energy, HIT THE GYM! It's fun and healthy too.

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