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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A lil Insane

I felt so dumb yesterday after I loaded my iPhone with all my shit in my computer and made it stop working!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh common, I was so hesitant to tell my husband that I ruined his gift in a day. I have been wanting one ever since it came out and now that I have it I just completely over loaded with all my shit. I can't even add songs to my iPod 3 generation and I didn't spend that much time loading some songs even though I am tired of listening to the songs every time I am in the gym and I had it almost 6 months now and never do any damage. Now that I have the Iphone I just destroyed in just a matter of 1 day! I felt so dumb! The worst thing is it is a gift and I look like I never take good care of it (it really does). Good news is I still can fix it and still can surf away with it after I bring it back to the cell phone store..hahaha

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