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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daddy's Home! from Sproutwells

Have you seen the new episode of The Sproutwells? Well, if not then I have it here now which you are free to watch. Of course the fun ideas from freshfunds about the daddy coming was cool. I love the character of Phyto which is just like a typical dog whom he got excited when the daddy came home and Phyto just licked him and wag his tail. And he just follow around the daughter which reminds me of my 3 dogs at home. They keep following me wherever I go and even I get mad they will just do whatever to make me smile and I love it. They never get tired of following me. The scene with the neighbor was funny when the daughter just pour the water to her. She deserves it from being so nosy and I am at the daddy's side because he doesn't like the neighbor either.

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