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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Look

I have been an online savvy now especially blogging. I always like to write stuff even when I was growing up. I even have a diary before that I was so embarrassed because I have a classmate that read it all. Now that Internet is here and very handy I started writing my blog online. I am also obsessed with designing and putting all kinds of stuff in my page and found this cool website where they have Extreme Style by VO5. It is a widget platform which simplifies the development, syndication, and measurement of widgets for content owners and 3rd party developers, offers a social library of widgets for end user discovery, and provides advertisers with a new way to engage the consumer with their brand and message. I love putting widget in my web page. It adds some fun into the page. While I was browsing their website I saw this Ultimate Flirting Championship which of course catch my attention. I was so curios about it (who won't they by the way!) So I of has to know what's involve and everything. You have to try it is fun. It will remind you with your experiences and how you flirt.

For more widgets please visit www.yourminis.com

Even with my Victory Hair story when we were in Hawaii, I always like to do all these flirting especially when I am in front of the camera. I love taking pictures too and my husband even had somebody tease him when he was taking pictures of me and I had to play around with looks and the guy told him that he must be used to the way I look the camera. When I want good pictures I don't care but try to look good at it.

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